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Oahu Counseling Services
 Couple's Counseling 

Couples Counseling may be necessary when individuals who care about each other feel the joy of their relationship slipping away due to mounting unresolved conflicts.  This conflict may arise from "baggage" brought into the relationship by one or both individuals.  Without effective communication and relationship skills you could have a recipe for a failed relationship.


At OCS Couples may be seen together to assess the problem.  The obstacle may only require the objectivity and skills of a professional counselor to facilitate the couple in working through their unresolved conflicts.  In some cases the couple may require follow up on an individual basis to gain a deeper self-awareness and insight into what changes should be considered to restore and/or enhance the relationship.


In other cases an individual may be seeking help and discover it could be beneficial for their partner to join them in therapy for optimal results.


Let OCS' Professional Staff help facilitate the needed change to salvage your relationship and guide you into the mutually harmonious relationship you desire.


Some couples may discover their differences may be irreconcilable when compromise and/or flexibility are not a desired option/s.  If that becomes the decision you make following an Assessment and Counseling, OCS Professional Staff can help you work towards a mutually respectful relationship or facilitate you on an individual basis to reach your desired goals.


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