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Oahu Counseling Services

OCS Staff welcomes Tricare referrals for Single Service Members and Military Family Members.


Experienced OCS Staff has worked with Single Military Service Members and Military Families on bases in Europe (OCONUS), the Continental U.S. (CONUS) and Hawaii.  It is understood how the impact of multiple deployments, reintegration, and relocating to areas away from extended family and close friends are unique challenges faced by military service members and their families.


OCS Staff is an affiliate of Tricare Uniformed Services Federal Health Care Program servicing active duty service members and thieir families, retired service members and their families, members of National Guard/Reserves and their families, survivors and others who are eligible. 


OCS Staff understands and applies the tough facts for Military Helping Professionals to include:


1.    Fostering indepence.

2.    Fighting to reduce psychological stigma.

3.    Eliminating organizational barriers.

4.    Promoting how caring for self facilitates caring for others.

5.    Always doing the best for everyone concerned; safety first.

6.    Maintaining military and professional standards.

7.    Thinking systematically about problems and solutions.

8.    Creating and maintaining professional networks.

9.    Knowing the military's doctrine and how to apply it.

10.  Meeting the service member or family where they are.

11.  Being prepared for all contingencies.

12.  Not delaying or sugar coating difficult news.


Oahu Counseling Services
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